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Sybille TimSenior Consultant

Sybille Tim
Sybille Tim

An interdisciplinary study in Sociology and Social Economics majoring in gender and biography research followed professional beginnings in shipping and real estate.

Sybille Tim has been working in HR consultancy since 1995 and for MTC since 2000. Numerous successful recruitment projects in various sectors can be attributed to her.

Her longstanding experience in HR consulting has made her familiar with a wide range of industries. This know-how allows her to adapt rapidly to new topics, enterprises, structures and persons but also to changing overall conditions. Clients and candidates appreciate her empathy, commitment, as well as her precise and carefully conducted interviews.

Sybille Tim was born in Hamburg. When she is not looking through the lens of a camera in her spare time, she shares an interest with her husband for everything that can be classed as “Design & Style”.